Week #2: Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

I like books that challenge norms. That says alot about me I know. Facts are facts. This book definitely challenges the conventions of Christianity. Donald Miller tells us his personal story of faith and his journey with God from childhood to the present.

His honesty is refreshing and… well… honest. He says things that most of us have only ever thought but were afraid to say. I did feel a time or two that he was letting us in on things for their shock value. But what kind of an author would he be without a little drama?

Read the book! You won’t agree with everything he says. But it will definitely give you fresh eyes to see those who are objecting to the gospel and a new perspective of how we can reach them.

Negatively I think Miller commits the cardinal sin of calling for everyone to love each other and then shooting at people who are more conservative than he is. True love extends both ways and uses truth as the basis for comment… not personal preference. There are many people – on both sides of the discussion – who have misunderstood Christian liberty. This book reminded me to extend grace both ways while applying truth in love.


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