Week #4: Revolution by George Barna

I selected this book on the recommendation of a friend… with less exciting results than my previous week’s entry, I’m afraid. This is not a reflection on my friend or his taste in books.

Pollster George Barna has become somewhat famous for giving us the facts… just the facts. He has helped millions become more aware of cultural trends and also given pastors the ability to sound much more intelligent than we really are – quoting statistics does wonders that way.

Disappointingly absent from this submission are the same cold hard facts that Barna is so known for producing. His recent offering is rife with conjecture and devoid of a single footnote.

The essence of the book makes it plain that the Church has totally missed the mark and as such will implode upon herself. While Barna makes some accurate (and at times, stinging) criticisms, the book rings of opinion and preference.

The saddest fact of all (pun intended) is that if the Church does not listen to some of these types of warnings… there is a 100% chance that we will begin to feel the weight of Barna’s speculative musings.


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