Road Trip

Many people have asked about my recent trip to Atlanta with Natalie (our oldest daughter). Let me give you some of the highlights from my perspective… I think she would agree with most of these.

The first thing you need to know is that this was a VERY intentional trip! Day 1 of this 8-day road trip I had “the talk”…. no, not that one… with Natalie. I wanted her to know why she was on this trip. After all, her mom didn’t get to come. Her sister and brother were left behind as well. I told her very simply that the reason she was on this special trip with me was because she is the oldest. I explained to her that as the oldest I expected more from her than I do of the others. I told her that I need her to get her head (and more importantly, her heart) around this whole moving to Georgia thing so that the others can follow her good example. I know pretty old-school stuff for a 13-year-old… but that is honestly how I feel about it. She not only heard me, she listened. The rest of our trip was proof.

Frankly, there are too many great moments to write them all. I will try to give you the highest points of 8 days of father-daughter bonding…

  1. 13 hours of driving each way (almost all of which was filled with real conversation)
  2. shopping at the Mall of Georgia (ok that was a high point for her)
  3. enjoying meals together (all of them – every day)
  4. watching movies together almost every night (and me explaining them to her)

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