Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I’m thinking of starting a petition to change the name. It seems to me that there is far too much built in negativity when it comes to traffic signals. Most people call them stop lights. The further south you go the stronger the image – they call them red lights.

This past Sunday I challenged the people of our church to pray about how they should view traffic signals… well, sort of. Couldn’t we just as easily call them go lights?

I remember an old preacher who liked to challenge the idea of going somewhere to serve God as the anti-instinctive response. Instead of saying, “I’m staying, but I’m willing to go”, he would say, “I’m going, but I’m willing to stay.” That’s the opposite of how many of us think.

I ask you whether God might want you to move with us to Atlanta.

In the weeks to come as I unfold the specifics of what we are going there to do & just as important, why we think that matters – will you ask God what He wants you to do.

Of course some of you will have to stay… but are you willing to go?


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