The Hope of America Is…

So with the Democratic National Convention this week & the Republican Convention to follow next week, I thought I would break all the rules and talk about 1 of the 3 things you’re never supposed to talk about (especially with strangers)… the history of the dark pinstripe suit… I’m kidding.

I will admit that this election season I have found myself doing quite a bit of re-thinking. I am befuddled by those who would run the party flag so quickly up the pole with little regard given to the complete picture of an individual and how he might lead our country. So I have approached this election with (even more) caution. And to the disappointment of some, will still not say (it least in this forum) who my vote will be for come November.

My reason for writing is to remind myself that neither the Senator from Arizona nor the Senator from Illinois (ironically both states in which we have lived) are the hope of America. What this nation needs most is not alternative fuel or peace in the Middle East – both of which I am for. This broken country needs to experience Jesus. May those of us who wear His name also choose to follow Him throughout the week.



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